Friday, September 8, 2017

United Nation Costume Ideas

The world celebrates United Nation day every 24th of October.  It began since 1945 and the The Philippines was one of the signatories of the 1942 UN Declaration, from which the U.N. Charter of 1945 was based on. As of now, there are 193 member countries of United Nations.

As one of the 51 founding members of United Nation, Philippines is actively promoting human rights, social progress, and world peace by celebrating United Nations Day. This is the reason why most schools whether public or private participate in the celebration.

Last year, my kids joined the United Nation celebration in their school and we all attended to witness the big day. I was amazed with how parents and teachers prepared for the said event as it was indeed a very successful one. From the stage preparation, costumes of the participates that represented different countries, the event was very successful and it truly an amazing way to promote the value and the spirit of the United Nation celebration. Kids were too excited to show off their beautiful costumes and I was able to capture some of them. Please bear with me covering the kid's faces to protect their privacy.
All United Nation participants wearing their beautiful costumes

Miss USA and Miss Columbia

Miss Brazil

Miss Denmark and Miss Venezuela

Miss Bolivia

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