Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Easiest Way to get Free Cellphone Load

Hello mommies! Today I'm gonna share one legit and easiest way to get free cellphone airtime for SUN, Smart/TNT, Globe/TM.

Nescafe Philippines offers free 10 pesos airtime load for every 250 pts. you collected by answering daily polls and sharing them on your wall.

How to Get Free Airtime?
<img src="load.gif" alt="how to get free airtime load " />
Nescafe Points Kapihan
  • Join the Nescafe Kapihan application on Facebook
  • Set-up your profile
  • Answer everyday poll and share them on your wall to get a maximun 60 points daily
  • Visit the Neskafe Points Kapihan application everyday to collect more points.
For every 250 points, you are entitled to redeem a free 10 pesos airtime load. You can also keep your points accumulating to get Nescafe freebies.

From now on, spare your 10 minutes a day to visit Nescafe points Kapihan to earn more points and redeem freebies  and free airtime load. Share the good news to your friends and family so they can also enjoy the free airtime load from Nescafe.

Tip:  You can ask your family to send you Nescafe load by entering your cellphone number when redeeming Nescafe points.

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  1. ang galing naman! very helpful ito kasi instead na bibili ka pa ng load e may free load ka na just by doing this.i'll try this, thanks! =)